… The Cornerstone of A Fully-Fledged & Disruptive Media Empire!
Ahmed Abd Al Qadir … The Cornerstone of A Fully-Fledged & Disruptive Media Empire!

Ahmed Abd Al Qadir, Founder & CEO,

Whoever has lived with me professionally over the past twenty years is fully aware that I mean every letter written in the title.

In 2005, I was able to establish and launch a leading Arab media portal specialized in technology news, which imposed itself by all standards, and created a prominent place for itself among big media brands, and became a trusted source of technical news in Arabic for the media and readers. My mission at that time was to enhance the Arabic tech content on the Internet, and I did!

In the following lines, I will share with you the details of the new project and its vision, and the needs that it meets, especially for the media, and how this will greatly benefit companies and the business sector in general, and experts and thought leaders in particular, and how all of this will contribute to expanding the knowledge horizon of the region’s audience. How will all these data, needs, visions, aspirations and plans be combined in drawing the gestures of an integrated media empire based on experts and thought leaders in various business sectors.

Today, I devote myself completely to the task of launching and managing the team and operations of – The ultimate business experts & thought leaders media platform! .. Vision and Ambition

We at have an ambitious vision to expand the knowledge horizon for the region’s audience; By providing an integrated content platform for articles written by experts and thought leaders from various business sectors on the one hand, and by providing an advanced database that facilitates media access to experts and thought leaders on the other hand. That will positively reflect on the knowledge scene in the region, and enhance the efforts of companies and businesses in delivering Its key messages via high-quality and trusted content.

Media professionals and those who work in news rooms, news planning departments and media interview desks face great challenges in finding and defining the right guest to comment on a news story, report, or topic, and they usually search on the Internet, and then go to professional sites such as LinkedIn and others, to reach the right person, and then develop miniature and scattered databases that disappear cause most of the time, the responsible employee moves to another media outlet he/she take his own database with him. So, there is certainly a bad need for a single integrated platform that determines who is the right & ready expert for media exposure based on a specific specialty.

I’m sure you wondered many times when you saw a guest comment on a topic on a TV screen: “Couldn’t they find a better expert with more information to comment on this topic, I know more than he knows!”.. An indication that the media organization was unable – despite all the efforts made – to attract a specialist or an expert with more accurate information and know-how. And it is precisely here that comes in, which provides an informational database of experts and thought leaders in various business sectors.

What is TWK Profiles?!

The TWK Profiles database will support media organisations in the region by providing them with full free access to experts, specialists and thought leaders in various business & academic sectors. We have already started communicating with the major leading media outlets in the region and the idea has received great acclaim.

On the one hand, it will provide valuable opportunities for business leaders, experts and thought leaders in the region to enhance their media exposure, in cooperation with their public relations agencies; In order to ensure the quality of profiles in terms of content, visual presentation, and accuracy in information.

I will not dwell on you more than that in my first article, as there is still a lot to talk about in the coming days, especially the new features and sections that will be added to the platform.

Thus, we find ourselves in front of a media platform supported by experts and thought leaders, supported and supportive of various media outlets with their various practical and scientific and business specializations, to move steadily, and to embody in a relatively short period an integrated media empire powered by top business experts and thought leaders!